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ARI has changed its brand name to Dealer Spike.

Moving forward, we will be known as Dealer Spike, but apart from the name nothing is changing. Our priority has always been serving our customers best, and the same great people will continue providing the same industry-leading products, services and support. In the upcoming weeks, you may still see instances of the ARI name as we work to bring the brands together under the Dealer Spike. The way you access your account(s) or contact support will remain unchanged for the time being.

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Consolidate Parts Sales.

Our fast and reliable eCatalog web portal ensures your dealers can quickly and accurately find the correct part the first time.

Simplify Replacement Parts Sales

ARI's PartSmart Web gives your dealers exclusive access to your electronic catalog content via a custom replacement parts lookup portal. Paired with a subscription to DataManager RT, you can ensure your distribution network always has access to your latest replacement parts content.

Find Parts Easier

Make it simple for dealers to find the correct page the first time with the ability to search by part number, model number, part description and year and help them fine-tune their search. PartSmart Web gives them access to rich data including pricing, older models and parts kit information.

Locate Where Parts Are Used

Dealers are able to search an entire catalog to find the models and components that use a specific part. PartSmart Web shows dealers which diagrams contain the parts, so they can accurately determine how many to order. They'll also able to view important supplier notes and bulletins attached to models, components and part numbers.

Customize How Data is Displayed

PartSmart Web lets your dealers customize the way they view parts information. They can see part numbers and illustrations together or separately, or they can view an entire illustration or zoom in on a particular area to improve detail. They can also print full images or zoomed-in views of illustrations or part lists.


Build Your Online Replacement Parts Portal

Make it easier for your dealers to buy OEM parts today.

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