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ARI has changed its brand name to Dealer Spike.

Moving forward, we will be known as Dealer Spike, but apart from the name nothing is changing. Our priority has always been serving our customers best, and the same great people will continue providing the same industry-leading products, services and support. In the upcoming weeks, you may still see instances of the ARI name as we work to bring the brands together under the Dealer Spike. The way you access your account(s) or contact support will remain unchanged for the time being.

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Easily Accessible Parts Content

Access to ARI's industry leading OEM and aftermarket eCatalog content library via a simple monthly subscription service.

When You Only Need the Data

Do you want access to ARI's unrivaled eCatalog library featuring content from more than 125 manufacturers, 10 million part numbers and product SKUs? Let our data authoring team work with your manufacturers and standardize the data. We want to give your customers an engaging online parts shopping experience.


Fully Optimized OEM Data

Our API feed gives you full access to our fully optimized OEM catalog data including assembly drawings, associated parts lists, pricing supersessions, normalized fitment, part numbers, SKU descriptions, images, product organization and more.

Parts, Garments and Accessories Data Add-On

Want to showcase and sell parts, garments and accessories from leading aftermarket distributors and OEMs including Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited, Western Power Sports, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki, Polaris and many more? Our Parts, Garments and Accessories data feed gives you access to the industry’s largest database of parts, garments and accessories product info. Get all the information you need on every product, including fitment, fluid specs, sizing charts, distributor availability, cost, pictures and more!

Is DataSmart Right For You?

DataSmart is ideal for dealers seeking a feed of catalog content for their highly customized web presence. An ideal DataSmart customer is building a custom eCommerce website working with a user interface designer to craft a custom shopping interface and has access to ongoing database and IT support. Looking for a complete and immediate online parts lookup experience? Check out PartStream if you're looking for a parts lookup tool for your custom website which includes ARI's user interface. For many dealer's ARI’s Dealer Website solution is the ideal fit. Our sites come with our parts lookup tool and eCommerce functionality fully integrated, no outsourced IT help required!

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