Selling parts online expands your market, increases your revenue, and keeps your inventory from growing stale on the shelf. PartStream's™ illustrated parts lookup application easily integrates with existing website platforms and carts. PartStream™ allows users to conveniently identify and purchase parts online, saving time and increasing your profits. Claim your share of this growing consumer market with a single consistent, integrated platform. ARI increases efficiency, boosts productivity, and strengthens ties that convert more visitors into customers to increase sales and improve your bottom line.

Increase Revenues- Selling parts directly to consumers is an effective way to open up an additional revenue stream.



PartStream Features

Search Engine Optimized

PartStream automatically indexes all part numbers, descriptions and brands for search engine optimization, making it easy for qualified buyers to find and purchase parts online.

Easy-to-use, Intuitive Shopping Cart

PartStream enables customers to add parts to a shopping cart directly from diagram hotspots by simply hovering over a part.

Search and Image Caching

PartStream caches frequently used searches and diagrams to increase the speed and responsiveness of the application.

Automatic Catalog Updates

PartStream automatically updates manufacturers' parts catalogs without any dealer intervention.

Customized Appearance

PartStream allows dealers to tailor the appearance of the lookup catalogs to match their website and branding image.

Exact or Partial Model Search

PartStream enables consumers to enter a complete or partial model or part number if known, making it easier and faster to find the right part and place an order.

Multi-manufacturer Support

PartStream supports more than 30 manufacturer parts catalogs

Unique URL Structure

PartStream includes unique URLs for every search and diagram links to assemblies and models.


PartStream user interface is localized to support more than 10 languages; call center provides multi-lingual technical support.