Over 90% of PartSmart subscribers can now receive catalog updates via the Web

Milwaukee, Wis., August 1, 2012 – ARI Network Services, Inc. (OTCBB: ARIS), a leader in creating, marketing,  and supporting SaaS and DaaS solutions that connect consumers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in selected vertical markets, announced today that nearly 90% of PartSmart® OEM catalogs are now enabled for Internet updates via the ARI Update Service.

The ARI Update Service allows subscribers to download and install multiple OEM catalog updates simultaneously within a matter of minutes of availability. Subscribers receive notification from PartSmart as soon as an update is available.

Over the last 12 months, ARI has continued to make significant progress enabling PartSmart subscribers to download and install catalog updates via the Internet. As of the end of July, more than 90% of PartSmart® subscribers have the ability to take advantage of this significant time-saving feature.

“ARI distributed over 250, 000 sets of discs last year to more than 18, 000 equipment dealers. This approach presented several challenges for ARI and its subscribers, ” said Jon Lintvet, Vice President of Product and Chief Marketing Officer of ARI. “First, end users did not have access to updated catalogs as frequently as they were available online. Second, many dealers were not updating their catalogs because of the time it took to install a new disc. And, finally, it drove material cost and fulfillment complexity into the business, ” added Lintvet.

“The ARI Update Service was designed, built and rolled out to reduce the time it takes to install an update, lower costs, and ensure that our customers always have access to the most current parts and pricing information.”

About ARI

ARI Network Services, Inc. (“ARI” or the “Company”) is a leader in creating, marketing, and supporting software, software as a service (“SaaS”) and data as a service (“DaaS”) solutions that enhance revenue and reduce costs for our customers. Our innovative, technology-enabled solutions connect the community of consumers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers to help our customers efficiently service and sell more whole goods, parts, garments, and accessories (“PG&A”) worldwide in selected vertical markets that include power sports, outdoor power equipment, marine, and white goods. We estimate that approximately 18, 000 equipment dealers, 125 manufacturers, and 150 distributors worldwide leverage our technology to drive revenue, gain efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

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